Follow Your Vote is an apolitical and non-partisan voter education program that aims to change the way we vote.

Our target is South Africa’s general elections in 2019 and beyond.

The program seeks to prepare voters to:

  • Vote intentionally and not only from an emotional perspective.
  • Vote from an informed and civic agency position.
  • To understand the power that lies in our vote.
  • To hold our elected representatives to account post voting.
  • Get voters out there to understand the impact of “not voting”.

Development in our community depends on your vote

When you don’t vote, the elected officials do not and will not, cater to your needs because your voice is silent. Be politically literate, do not take voting lightly and exercise utmost discretion when voting.

Vote because…

  • Every election in a democracy matters;
  • You – as an individual – matter;
  • The choices you make matter;
  • In your hand lies power and that power is in your vote;
  • In your vote is a potential to influence the course of history;
  • You can and should register your choice of who you want to represent you in government; and
  • Your choice will have very direct and concrete effects on your daily life.

If you do not vote…

  • You will receive and endure a government which you did not elect; and
  • You will have no reason or legitimacy to complain if the elected government performs poorly.

Finding your voting station

Once you have registered to vote, you must vote at your designated voting station. There will be one voting station in each of the 50 demarcated wards around BCM.
You can also find your voting station by getting in contact with the IEC office listed above or:

IEC Eastern Cape Provincial Office
The Mansions
14 Ganteaume Crescent, Quigney,
East London
Mon – Fri 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM
Tel: (043) 709-4200

To check if you are registered to vote and for further information go to the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) website.

For our Voter Education Training material click here.

For our Voter Education pamphlet click here.

For answers to Frequently Asked Questions click here.


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