Integrated Development Planning

The Integrated Development Plan (IDP) is a 5 year plan that shows the municipality’s development objectives, key strategies and projects that will be implemented to achieve these objectives.  It also details which projects will be [...]

Turning housing delivery on its head

Are we seeing a policy shift emerging from the national Department of Human Settlements?  In minister Sisulu’s departmental budget vote speech of 18 May 2017 she states: We are now concentrating on serviced sites. The [...]

Managed Land Settlement

For more information on Managed Land Settlement please visit the Afesis-corplan incremental settlement website initiative. Incremental settlement is a pro-poor approach to settlement development that is being promoted and advocated for by Afesis-corplan and others. Incremental [...]

Learning Brief #5: Basic Organising and Active Citizenship

A good active citizen is an informed and organised citizen. Drawing from its work, Afesis-corplan concludes that if a community or group of citizens is not organised, it is far harder for that community to [...]

Land Access Manual

In 2008 Afesis-corplan with the support of Urban LandMark produced the the Urban Land Access Series. The series outlines the process to be followed to acquire land for low income housing.  The target group for [...]

Learning Brief #4 The Missing Middle: A Smallholding Land Subsidy Programme

Specialist in Sustainable Settlements, Ronald Eglin has put together another thought-provoking Learning Brief that suggests that one of the factors limiting the ability of the country to make good on its constitutional obligations relating to land [...]