Our Impact

As a learning organisation, Afesis-corplan periodically assesses the impact we have on the communities and partners with whom we work. We continuously analyse the progress the programmes we implement have made towards the attainment of the organisation’s broad strategic goal of supporting the emergence of an active citizenry and good local governance. Moreover, our impact assessment interrogates the following key principles that are meant to underpin Afesis-corplan’s work:

  1. What impact have our programmes made in the lives of the people we targeted as well as in the communities we worked in?
  2. How relevant, effective, efficient and sustainable have our programme interventions been?
  3. What lessons can be drawn from the programmes that can be carried forward to inform our future programme planning?

Afesis-corplan continuously evaluates the impact and the progress each of the programmes have made, pertaining to:


  • To what extent do the programmes respond to the needs and priorities of the target groups?


  • To what extent has the quality of life of the target group improved?


  • To what extent can activities, results and effects be expected to continue after Afesis-corplan’s involvement has ended?
  • Has the capacity of the target group been developed in a manner that ensures that they are able to carry the work being supported by Afesis-corplan on their own?

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