South Africans went to the polls on May 8, 2019 to elect public representatives who now serve in the 6th National Assembly as well as the provincial legislatures. The ANC in the Eastern Cape retained control of the government with 68.74% of total votes cast amounting to 44 seats in the Eastern Cape Provincial Legislature (the Legislature). Currently, there are 63 seats in the Legislature filled by various parties in accordance to the Proportional Representation System:

The job of these 63 elected representatives is law and policy making and to give oversight over the Executive (Premier and MECs). They ensure that provincial government departments deliver services in accordance to the development priorities agreed to nationally which are articulated in the broad Strategic Framework document of government.

This page is designed to help inform, empower and guide you on how you can best engage with our Legislature. The Legislature is the highest legislated structure at a Provincial level that is tasked with oversight over provincial government departments. When citizens’ efforts to engage various government departments over service delivery fail, the Legislature is the place to go, the Ombudsman, and the protector of public interests. It is for this reason that Afesis-corplan has developed this page.

Furthermore, this material is developed to support the active agency of ordinary citizens. To support those who not only want to be voting fodder every five years, but rather want to “follow their vote” to do so.

The Legislature and Law-making

The first duty of the legislature is to develop legislation. The public can engage the legislature on matters that relate to law and policy. Members of the public can ‘lobby’ the legislature, through writing to the office of the Speaker to develop or amend a certain law. The Promotion of Administrative Justice Act (PAJA) gives specifics of the steps that government entities must follow in responding to written submissions by the public. The Legislature also has its own practice guidelines on how requests from the public are processed. You may want to access these before you make your submission to the Legislature so that you are empowered to engage the legislature in accordance to its established guidelines. If these are not in place, then PAJA is the guide.

The Constitution of South Africa dictates that law-making is done in a participatory manner. The Legislature has to consult the public when it develops laws. You can contact the Legislature to enquire about the laws that are being developed so that the public is aware, that is if the Legislature does not publish this information on its website or through other public platforms.

The Legislature however, does not interpret the law. In instances where there is lack of clarity or ambiguity in the law, the Courts are the institutions that are constitutionally empowered to interpret the law.

The Legislature and Oversight

The Legislature gives oversight over the Executive. It sets up committees that scrutinise the manner in which various government departments’ work, including how they spend public money. The legislature assesses the developmental impact of the activities of various departments against set plans and budgets. The public is allowed to attend sessions of the legislature as observers. The public can attend the meetings where the legislature scrutinises the performance of various departments. In fact, the public can write to the Committee Chairs of various portfolio committees and draw their attention to service delivery performance issues of departments so that the committees can ask the right questions from the Executive; this is commonly known as whistle-blowing.

The public can also write to a Member of the Provincial Legislature (MPL) and bring a service delivery matter to their attention so that the MPLs have facts and evidence when engaging the Executive.

Engaging Members of Provincial Legislatures in Constituency Offices

Almost all political parties have constituency offices where MPLs spend a set number of days in a month given to them off Parliamentary/Legislature duty for such a purpose. You need to know where the nearest constituency office is from you and who your Parliamentarian is. Go to the Constituency office to access information but also attend meetings organized by your MPL.

Note however, the MPL does not replace the ward councillor in your area when on constituency duty. For things that must be referred to the ward councillor for auctioning, take them to the ward councillor. Your constituency officer can assist if the matter is brought to their attention where they can, but they cannot assume the duties of the ward councillor or the municipal council.

Access to Information

Any intent to meaningfully engage with Provincial legislatures demands that one arm themselves with information. Most legislatures have websites in which they regularly post up-to-date information. Some are active on various social media platforms such as WhatsApp, Twitter and Facebook. These platforms have changed the way public participation and stakeholder engagements happen in how they have enabled elected representatives to interact with the public in real-time, increasing public access to them. In turn this has increases opportunities through which the public can hold elected representatives to account.

Civil society organizations such as the Parliamentary Monitoring Group (PMG) with website address www.pmg.org.za has on its website information on the National Assembly ranging from who the members of parliament are and their contact details, to the schedule of meetings in Parliament and minutes of various committees. Afesis-corplan accessible at www.afesis.org.za has on its website some information on the Eastern Cape Provincial Legislature.


A participatory democracy demands that citizens participate in oversight and hold elected representatives to account. This involves more than just voting, but requires citizens to be actively involved in post-election processes such as showing up at community meetings that are aimed at influencing government planning, commenting on the efficacy of those meetings in order to strengthen and improve them, responding to public statements government puts out asking for comments, etc.

This material seeks to support citizens engage with Provincial Legislatures. Information on how local government works and how to hold ward councillors to account abounds, but little is available on how the public can possibly hold MPLs to account or how they could even access them towards strengthening accountability and service delivery.

Below is a contact list of all Members of the Eastern Cape Provincial Legislature.

Party Name Position Email Address Contact Number
ANC Helen Mercedes August Speaker August.helen@gmail.com 071 470 6049
ANC Lubabalo Oscar Mabuyane Premier omabuyane@gmail.com 076 214 7356
ANC Babalo Madikizela MEC Public Works isazo@webmail.com 072 979 8322
ANC Nomakhosazana Meth MEC Rural Development and Agrarian Reform khosi.meth@gmail.com 083 451 1921
ANC Gerald Mlungisi Mvoko MEC Finance, Economic Development, Environmental Affairs and Tourism gmvoko@gmail.com 066 483 8188
ANC Mlibo Qoboshiyane Deputy Speaker mqoboshiyane@ecleg.gov.za 082 559 9008
ANC Weziwe Tikana MEC Transport Safety and Liaison Weziwet05@gmail.com 076 834 2636
ANC Fundile David Gade MEC Education fgade@ecleg.gov.za 076 169 2405
ANC Mziwonke Ndabeni Chairperson: Public Participation, Petitions and Public Education Committee ndabenimz@yahoo.com 073 276 8709
ANC Xolile Edmund Nqatha MEC Cogta xolilenqatha@gmail.com 082 313 5005
ANC Nomvula Ponco Chairperson: Public Works Committee nponco@ecleg.gov.za  082 559 9913
ANC Koliswa Claribell Fihlani Deputy Chief Whip, and Chairperson: Legislature Oversight Committee kfihlani@ecleg.gov.za 082 559 7110
ANC Loyiso Magqashela Chief Whip magqahela@gmail.com 082 305 9611
ANC Sindiswa Gomba MEC Health sindiswa58@gmail.com 082 327 0154
ANC Nonceba Kontsiwe Chairperson: Social Development Committee konstiwe@gmail.com 076 183 4576
ANC Fezeka Bayeni MEC Sport, Recreation, Arts and Culture asakhebayeni@gmail.com 076 520 6342
ANC Tumeka Gaya Whip tumekagaya@gmail.com 082 212 2610
ANC Mluleki Dlelanga Whip mlud@webmail.co.za 078 642 9004
ANC Nomasikizi Hendrietta Konza Whip sikikonza@gmail.com 071 644 7126
ANC Xolani Malamlela Chairperson: Roads and Transport Committee xolani@cosatu.org.za 071 676 9441
ANC Nonkqubela Ntomboxolo Pieters MEC Human Settlements Nonkqubela.pieters@gmail.com 082 259 7091
ANC David Fundisile Bese Chairperson: Rural Development and Agrarian Reform Committee David.bese@drdar.gov.za 082 558 8426
ANC Sigqibokazi Sweetness Mbonyana MPL puresweetnessm@gmail.com 073 638 3667
ANC Virginia Alice Camealio-Benjamin Whip Vcameliobenjamin.kouga@gmail.com 084 016 1959
ANC Thabo Matiwane Chairperson: Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs Committee thabo.matiwane.tm@gmail.com 083 608 8677
ANC Ntombovuyo Silberose Nkopane Chairperson of Committees rose.nkompane@gmail.com 082 770 3655
ANC Pumelele Ndamase Chairperson: Economic Development, Enviromental Affairs and Tourism Committee pndamase@gmail.com 079 899 0522
ANC Babalwa Lobishe Chairperson: Safety and Liaison Committee blobishe@gmail.com 079 305 7035
ANC Ntombizodwa Tamara Xhanti Chairperson: Sports, Recreation, Arts and Culture Committee ntombixhanti@gmail.com 071 603 9400
ANC Tony Duba Deputy Chairperson of Committees and Chairperson: Standing Committee on Law Review tduba@ecleg.gov.za 076 139 5486
ANC Mpumelelo Saziwa Chairperson: Education Committee msaziwa@ecleg.gov.za 082 313 5005
ANC Zinziswa Ursula Mngini Chairperson: Special Programmes Committee zinzie.zr@gmail.com 078 658 7730
ANC Koliswa Vimbayo Whip kvimbayo@gmail.com 072 110 4946
ANC Vumile Gladman Lwana Chairperson: Finance and Provincial Treasury Committee vlwana@ecleg.gov.za 060 965 6154
ANC Nozibele Nyalambisa Whip nozienyalambisa73@gmail.com 082 894 6095
ANC Makhaya Merriman Twabu Chairperson: Human Settlements kanyayo@webmail.co.za 071 481 0830
ANC Siphokazi Iris Lusithi MEC Social Development spokazmani@gmail.com 076 214 8116
ANC Mxolisi Mackson Dimaza Chairperson: Health Committee mdimaza@ecleg.gov.za 082 559 7500
ANC Nontutuzelo Maqubela Whip mbuang@ecleg.gov.za 073 505 3839
ANC Mzoleli Mrara Chairperson: Office of the Premier Committee mmrara@ecleg.gov.za 082 559 9994
ANC Monde Sondaba Whip Monde.sondaba@gmail.com 076 658 7351
ANC Mandlakazi Keleku MPL tkeleku@gmail.com 079 946 2024
ATM Veliswa Mvenya Leader of the ATM and Chairperson of SCOPA   vmvenya@gmail.com 065 521 0513
DA Nqaba Bhanga Leader of the Official Opposition nbhanga@gmail.com 078 243 4643
DA Yusuf Cassim MPL mryusufcassim@gmail.com 083 788 5088
DA Vicky Knoetze Whip vknoetze@yahoo.com 076 070 5712
DA Sanele Magaqa MPL magaqasanele@gmail.com 076 842 5662
DA Bobby Stevenson Cheif Whip of the Official Opposition bobs@da.org.za 082 775 3444
DA Edmund Van Vuuren MPL pvanvuuren@ecleg.gov.za 072 184 7840
DA Marshal Von Buchenroder MPL marshallvb29@gmail.com 082 374 9232
DA Jane Cowley MPL fishewifec@gmail.com 072 903 5038
DA Retief Odendaal MPL rodendaal@mandelametro.gov.za 082 462 0668
DA Nomvano Zibonda MPL nomvano.zibonda@gmail.com 073 303 7011
EFF Yazini Tetyana Leader of the EFF ttbhele13@gmail.com 072 016 7467
EFF Portia Zoleka Qotoyi MPL zolekaqotoyi@gmail.com 063 084 5420
EFF Mlamli Alfred Makhetha Whip mlamlimakhetha@gmail.com 060 997 5849
EFF Bulelwa Beauty Dial MPL bulelwadial@gmail.com 078 228 5005
EFF Litha Law Zibula MPL lithazibula@gmail.com 060 997 5091
UDM Mncedisi Filtane Leader of the UDM filtanel@gmail.com 082 780 6400
UDM Felix Mahlati MPL 073 105 9805
VF+ Theo Willem Coetzee Leader of the VF+ twcoetzee@gmail.com 082 822 3414

The Cabinet

The provincial government is the second layer of government, between the national government and the municipalities. The structure of the provincial government is defined by Chapter 6 of the Constitution of South Africa which provides that there be a legislature as highlighted above, a Premier elected by the legislature and an Executive Council appointed by the Premier as a provincial cabinet.

The structure of the provincial government is defined by Chapter 6 of the Constitution of South Africa which provides that there be a legislature as highlighted above, a Premier elected by the legislature and an Executive Council appointed by the Premier as a provincial cabinet. Below is information on the Provincial Executive.

  • Office of the Premier

The Office of the Premier plays an important role in supporting the running of Government. Its main function is to provide strategic advice and support to government, coordinate cross cutting strategic government initiatives and ensuring that this is done within the best good governance frameworks. The Premier of the province is elected by Members of Provincial Legislature and he or she becomes head of provincial government.

The premier of the Eastern Cape is Lubabalo Oscar Mabuyane:

Lubabalo Oscar Mabuyane

Email: omabuyane@gmail.com
Cell: 0762147356
Tel: 040 60 96301
Post: Private Bag X0047, Bhisho, 5605
Address: Office of the Premier Building, 2nd Floor, Independent Avenue Bhisho

The provincial director general also known as DG whose office is based in the Office of the Premier has the role of making sure that laws, policies and other decision passed in the provincial legislature are carried out by the relevant provincial department or departments.

The current DG in the Eastern Cape is:

Marion Mbina-Mthembu

Email: matsidiso.oliphant@otp.ecprov.gov.za
Cell: 0832201087
Tel: 040 609 6381 / 040 609 6382
Post: Private Bag X0047, Bhisho, 5605
Address: Office of the Premier Building, 2nd Floor, Independent Avenue, Bhisho

Members of the Executive Council are appointed by the Premier from amongst the provincial legislature to administer various provincial government departments. They are accountable to the legislature and must regularly report to the legislature on the performance of their responsibilities in government and each provincial government department has an administrative head known as Head of Department (HOD) that manages this implementation:

  • Department: Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs (Cogta)

The role of Cogta is to ensure that all municipalities perform their basic responsibilities and functions consistently by: putting people and their concerns first; supporting the delivery of municipal services to the right quality and standard; promoting good governance, transparency and accountability; ensuring sound financial management and accounting; and building institutional resilience and administrative capability.

MEC Xolile Nqatha

Email: xolilenqatha@gmail.com
Cell: 0823135005
Tel: 0406095231
Post: Private Bag X0026, Bhisho, 5605
Address: Tyamzashe Building, Room 2188, Phalo Avenue, Bhisho

HOD Gabisile Gumbi-Masilela (Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs)

Email: gabisile.gumbi-masilela@eccogta.gov.za
Cell: 082 698 3427
Tel:  040 609 5656
Post: Private Bag X0035, Bhisho, 5605
Address: Tyamzashe Building, Room 2188, Phalo Avenue, Bhisho
  • Department: Finance, Economic Development, Environment Affairs and Tourism (Dedeat) and Treasury

Dedeat’s role is to coordinate the contributions of government departments, state entities and civil society to effect economic development; improve alignment between economic policies, plans of the province, its agencies, government’s political and economic objectives and mandate; and promote government’s goal of advancing economic development via the creation of decent work opportunities.

Provincial Treasury provides strategic and technical leadership in the allocation, management and utilisation of financial resources in order to improve quality of life in the province.

MEC Mlungisi Mvoko

Email: gmvoko@gmail.com
Cell: 066 483 8188
Tel: 043 711 9800
Post: Private Bag X31008, Cambridge, East London, 5206
Address: 31/33 Phillip Frame Road, Chiselhurst, East London

HOD Daluhlanga Majeke (Treasury)

Email: dorcas.pillay@ectreasury.gov.za
Cell: 063 406 8898
Tel: 040 101 0161
Post: Private Bag X0029, Bhisho, 5605
Address: Office of MEC for Finance, 2nd Floor, Tyamzashe Building, Bhisho

HOD Mickey Mama (Economic Affairs)

Email: hod@deaet.ecape.gov.za
Cell: 071 880 1447
Tel: 040 609 3234
Post: Private Bag X0054, Bhisho, 5605
Address: Indwe House, 2nd and 3rd Floors, Bhisho
  • Department: Rural Development and Agrarian Reform (DRDAR)

The role of DRDAR is to create vibrant, equitable, sustainable rural communities and food security for all. The department is responsible for topographic mapping, cadastral surveying, deed registration and land reform. Key components of the department include the Deeds Registries, the office of the Chief Surveyor-General and Land Claims Commission.

Bongikaya Dayimani

Email: Bongikhaya.dayimani@drdar.gov.za
Tel: 040 602 5013
Post: Private Bag X0040, Bhisho, 5605
Address: Dukumba Building, 10th Floor, Independence Avenue, Bhisho

HOD Lumkile Ngada (Rural Development and Agrarian Reform)

Email: lumkile.ngada@agr.ecprov.gov.za
Tel: 040 609 3471
Post: Private Bag X0040, Bhisho, 5605
Address: Dukumbana Building, 10th Floor, Independence Avenue, Bhisho
  • Department: Education

The role of the department of education is to provide school infrastructure, ensure school attendance, enhance teaching and learning, expand access to Early Childhood Development, offer Second Chance Matric Support Programme and to support learners with intellectual disabilities amongst other things.

MEC Fundile Gade

Email: fgade@ecleg.gov.za
Cell: 076 169 2405
Tel: 040 608 4202 / 040 608 4203
Post: Private Bag X0032, Bhisho, 5605
Address: Steve Tshwete Education Building, Zwelitsha Zone 6, Zwelitsha

HOD Themba Kojana (Education)

Email: themba.kojana@ecdoe.gov.za
Cell: 083 796 7820
Tel: 040 608 4208
Post: Private Bag X0032, Bhisho, 5605
Address: Steve Tshwete Education Building, Zwelitsha Zone 6, Zwelitsha
  • Department: Health

The Department of Health’s purpose is to help people live better for longer. It leads, shapes and funds health care in the Eastern Cape, making sure people have the support, care and treatment they need, with the compassion, respect and dignity they deserve.

MEC Sindiswa Gomba

Email: sindiswa58@gmail.com
Cell: 082 327 0154
Tel: 040 608 1114
Post: Private Bag X0038, Bhisho, 5605
Address: Dukumbana Building, Independence Avenue, Bhisho

HOD Thobile Mbengashe (Health)

Email: thobile.mbengashe@echealth.gov.za
Cell: 083 378 9136
Tel: 040 608 1958
Post: Private Bag X0038, Bhisho, 5605
Address: Dukumbana Building, Bhisho
  • Department: Human Settlements

The role of this department is to promote and facilitate the provision of adequate human settlements in the province.

MEC Nonqkubela Pieters

Email: Nonkqubela.pieters@gmail.com
Cell: 082 259 7091
Tel: 043 711 9777
Address: 31/33 Phillip Frame Road, Chiselhurst, East London

Acting HOD Tabisa Poswa

Email: tabisap@ecdhs.gov.za
Cell: 060 961 4982
Tel: 043 711 9778
Post: Private Bag X31008, Cambridge, East London, 5206
Address: Steve Tshwete Building, 31/33 Phillip Frame Road, Chiselhurst, East London

  • Department: Transport, Safety and Liaison

This department plays a role of providing, facilitating, developing, regulating and enhancing a safe, affordable and reliable multimodal transport system that is integrated with land uses to ensure optimal mobility of people and goods in support of socio-economic growth and development.

The role of mission of the Eastern Cape Department of Safety and Liaison is to provide a safe and secure environment that supports growth and development through liaison with the relevant stakeholders.

MEC Weziwe Tikana

Email: weziwet05@gmail.com
Cell: 076 834 2636
Tel: 040 609 2129 / 040 609 2079
Post: Private Bag X0057, Bhisho, 5605
Address: Old Commissioner Building, Independent Avenue, Bhisho

HOD Irene Mpolweni (Transport)

Email: angie.majongile@dot.ecprov.gov.za
Cell: 063 251 9265
Tel: 043 604 7415

HOD Zukile Kani (Safety and Liaison)

Email: zukile.kani@safetyec.gov.za
Cell: 079 875 1386
Tel: 040 608 2109
Post: Private Bag X0057, Bhisho, 5607
Address: Old Commissioner Building Avenue, Bhisho
  • Department: Sports, Recreation, Arts and Culture

The role of this department is to develop and promote sport, recreation, arts and culture for spiritual, intellectual, physical and material upliftment of the people of the Eastern Cape. It also provides free, equitable and accessible library and information service, and proper management and preservation of public and non-public records.

MEC Fezeka Bayeni

Email: asakhebayeni@gmail.com
Cell: 076 520 6342
Tel: 043 604 4101
Post: Private Bag X0020, Bhisho, 5605
Address: Wilton Zimasile Mkwayi Building, 5 Eales Street, King William’s Town

HOD Mzolisi Matutu

Email: xoliswa.tshetsha@ecsrac.gov.za
Cell: 071 480 4755
Tel: 043 492 1027
Post: Private Bag X0020, Bhisho, 5605
Address: Wilton Zimasile Mkwayi Building, 5 Eales Street, King William’s Town
  • Department: Social Development

The role of the of the Eastern Cape Department of Social Development is to improve the quality of life and social well-being of the poor and vulnerable, with a special focus on women, children, older persons, youth, and people with disabilities.

MEC Siphokazi Mani-Lusithi

Email: spokazimani@gmail.com
Cell: 076 484 8701
Tel: 040 608 9125 / 040 608 9124
Post: Private Bag X0039, Bhisho, 5605
Address: Beacon Hill Office Park, Cnr Hargreaves Road and Hockley Close, King William’s Town

HOD Ntombi Baart

Email: ntombi.baart@ecdsd.gov.za
Cell: 082 453 4386
Tel: 043 605 5012
  • Department: Public Works

The Department is a custodian of provincial government immovable assets and a provider of sustainable infrastructure, resulting in socio-economic reforms, sector transformation, and development.

HOD Thandolwethu Manda

Email: Thandolwethu.Manda@ecdpw.gov.za
Cell:  071 608 2428
Tel: 040 602 4000
Post: Private Bag X0022, Bhisho, 5605
Address: Qhasana Building, Independence Avenue Bhisho

These committees are established to speed up the work of the legislature. Instead of everyone in parliament being involved in all the discussion around every law that the legislature proposes, committees are established. They monitor and oversee the work and budgets of provincial government departments and hold them accountable. Also similar to the national level, there may be committees that look at public participation, legislature proceedings, and legislature finances.

No Name of a Committee Chairperson Contact
1. Chair of Chairs Ntombovuyo Nkopane 0827703655
2. Deputy Chair of Chairs Tony Duba 0761935486
3. Chief Whip Loyiso Magqashela 0823059611
4. Deputy Chief Whip Kholiswa Fihlani 0825597110
5. Standing Committee on Law Review Tony Duba 0761935486
6. Portfolio Committee on Education Mpumelelo Saziwa 0823135005
7. Portfolio Committee on Health Mxolisi Dimaza 0825597500
8. Sports, Recreation, Arts and Culture Ntombizodwa Xhanti 0716039400
9. Public Works Nomvula Ponco 0825599913
10. Human Settlements Makhaya Twabu 0714810830
11. Roads and Transport Xolani Malamlela 0716769441
12. Portfolio Committee on Office of the Premier Mzoleli Mrara 0825597500
13. Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs Thabo Matiwane 0836088677
14. Portfolio Committee on Social Development Nonceba Kontsiwe 0761834576
15. Economic Development and Environmental Affairs Pumelele Ndamase 0798990522
16. Rural Development and Agrarian Reform Fundisile David Bese 0825588426
17. Portfolio Committee on Safety Liaison Babalwa Lobishe 0793057035
18. Legislature Oversight Committee Koliswa Fihlani 0825597110
19. Women’s Caucus Bukiwe Fanta 0820863041
20. Public Participation, Petitions and Public Education Mziwonke Ndabeni 0732768709
21. Public Accounts Committee Veliswa Mvenya 0655210513
22. Special Programmes Committee Rabe Zinziswa 0786587730

The Legislature and Petitions

Any member of the public can submit a petition to the provincial legislature to bring a matter to the attention of the Legislature or to make a request. All petitions submitted are registered and processed by the Legislature. Provincial Legislatures usually have a Petitions’ Policy which is a public document that members of the public can access and take note of to guide their submissions. The Provincial Legislature has a whole unit that deals with Petitions. This unit receives records and processes petitions.

The Public Participation and Petitions Unit officer in Bhisho is M Ngwanya

Email: mngwanya@ecleg.gov.za
Cell: 072 192 6860
Tel: 040 608 0089 / 040 609 1609
Address: Independence Avenue Bhisho, 5605

Each province has a delegation which is usually headed by the Premier. The people that come from each of the provinces make up this council and have the duty of making sure that provincial interests are being taken into account in Parliament. These delegates also ensure that local government concerns are represented at the highest level. They achieve this by participating in the national legislative process and by providing a national forum for public debate of important issues affecting the province.

Eastern Cape NCOP Members Contact
1. Nokuzola Ndongeni 083 509 7637
2. Zukiswa Ncitha 071 461 0401
3. Mandla Rayi 072 129 3010
4. Zolani Mkiva 083 453 8690
5. Mlindi Nhanha 071 189 9212
6. Thembinkosi Apleni 081 519 0480