Programmes Introduction

As one of the gateways to Africa, South Africa is positioning itself in the fluid global geo-politics as a force to be reckoned with,whilst at the same time attempting to address its persistent challenge of inequality, poverty and unemployment. To do this, the country has long realised, as reflected in the National Development Plan (2012) that an active citizenry is central in moving the country forward.

Afesis-corplan’s work provides possibilities for ordinary citizens to activate their civic agency in different ways. Our Programmes are aligned with the broader strategic goal of the organisation of promoting active citizenship and good local governance. The programmatic areas of focus through which this is achieved are:

  • Local Governance;
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  • Land for Sustainable Settlement;
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  • Knowledge Management;
  • Consultancies and Special Projects.

Afesis-corplan is also intensifying its impact assessment processes, increasing its efforts at influencing both policy and practice in matters related to local governance, and access to land for sustainable human settlement development.

Afesis-corplan conceptualises its work in particular in local governance in a service delivery continuum that appreciates that there are processes that citizens ought to meaningfully engage in before decisions about service delivery are made. They then must participate in monitoring the implementation of the decision once it is made and the service is being rendered, and finally, they must participate in evaluating the service in order to strengthen the delivery of the similar services in future as well as in other areas. Afesis-corplan’s projects all aim to strengthen all aspects of this service delivery continuum.

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