The national government has identified the upgrading of informal settlements as a key component of its human settlement development approach, targeting (as part of its 2019-2024 outcome based targets for human settlement development) the formalisation/ upgrading of 1,500 informal settlements to phase 3 of the Informal Settlements Upgrading Programme.


Afesis-corplan is collating information relating to the upgrading of informal settlements.  Click on the links below for more information on upgrading of informal settlements:

Upgrading of Informal Settlement radio drama

Check out below the radio drama (in English and Xhosa) that Afesis-corplan has developed that aims to educate people upgrading of informal settlements. To find out more about upgrading have a look at all the other information on this webpage, speak to the local ward councillor and visit the municipality to find out what they are doing to upgrade informal settlements.

The radio drama was produced by Sithembile Xaso with voiceover by Mandilakhe Tini (as Thami), Yoliswa Kundulu (as PJ) and Phumzile Njikazi (as Themba).  The script was written by Vusi Gqomose.

Also click here to listen to an interview with Qhamani Tshazi (an Afesis-corplan employee) talking about the upgrading of informal settlements after the launch of the radio drama on MdantsaneFM on 24 March 2021 . Interview in Xhosa with English sub titles.



Tap and toilet calculator

Afesis-corplan has created a simple calculator (Excel spreadsheet) that one can use to work out how many more taps and toilets are needed in an informal settlement to match the basic minimum norms and standards for a particular municipality.   Click the image below to access this calculator page.

Comic and Videos

Have a look at the following comic and videos we have developed.

  • Upgrading of informal settlements: Thami and Temba’s story

Click appropriate image to view an English or Xhosa version of a comic that explains how Thami and Temba worked with their municipality to upgrade their informal settlement.

  • Buffalo City upgrading informal settlement policy and strategy

Explains the Policy and Strategy for Upgrading of Informal Settlements in Buffalo City Metro.

  • Thandi’s IDP story

Tells the story of how Thandi made sure her informal settlement’s upgrading plan was part of the municipalities IDP.

  • Lindi’s Upgrading informal settlements story (English)

Tells the story (in English) of how Lindi and others in her community upgraded their informal settlement.

  • Lindi’s Upgrading informal settlements story (Xhosa)

Tells the story (in Xhosa) of how Lindi and others in her community upgraded their informal settlement.