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Afesis-corplan is a vibrant, dynamic development NGO situated in East London. We are recognised as pioneers in deepening participatory democracy and good local governance, community development and alternative settlement development approaches since 1992. Registered as a Section 21 Company, Afesis-corplan operates under the governance of a capable Board of Directors. Eighty percent of the organisation’s staff has professional or postgraduate qualifications and ninety percent come from historically disadvantaged communities.

Our Programmes

Sustainable Settlements
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Local Governance
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Our strategic goal is to support citizens to actively unlock and enhance the state’s potential to deliver responsive services and targeted development initiatives. To achieve this, Afesis-corplan uses participatory methods to empower citizens to take their rightful places in local governance.

Highlighted Projects

Upgrading of Informal Settlements

Upgrading of Informal Settlements

The national government has identified the upgrading of informal settlements as a key component of its human settlement development approach, targeting (as part of its 2019-2024 outcome based targets for human settlement development) the formalisation/ upgrading of 1,500 informal settlements to phase 3 of the Informal Settlements Upgrading Programme.

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Norms and Standards

Norms and Standards

Norms and standards provide a set of standardized criteria against which the delivery and maintenance of water and sanitation services can be measured across the country.  To find out more click here.

Transformer Journal

First published in 1996, the Transformer continues to be an interesting and thought-provoking read. It began with six issues produced per year then on a quarterly basis and bi-annual. Afesis-corplan’s team of mainly in-house writers aim to inform, entertain and challenge readers to reflect on issues relating to development, ethical governance and public participation in the Eastern Cape and beyond.

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We need you to assist us is serving the communities we work with to become active citizens.

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