Catalyzing Change Together: Forge a Partnership with Afesis

Afesis, a distinguished non-governmental organization (NGO) based in East London, South Africa, is dedicated to strengthening local governance and enhancing basic service delivery. With over 30 years of transformative impact, we invite individuals and private sector entities who appreciate the value of our work to join hands with us through meaningful partnerships.

Why Partner with Afesis:

 Impactful Contributions: Your partnership with Afesis directly supports communities that fall outside of our funded programmes, fostering sustainable development and improving the lives of those in need.

 Local Empowerment: Afesis focuses on building resilient communities from within. By partnering with us, you actively participate in empowering local populations, promoting self-sufficiency, and creating lasting impact.

Tailored Partnership Opportunities: We understand that each partnership is unique. Afesis offers tailored opportunities for individuals and private sector entities to align their values and goals with our impactful projects.

 Transparency and Accountability: Afesis is committed to transparency and accountability in all our endeavors. Partners receive regular updates on project progress, ensuring you can witness the tangible impact of your contribution.

 Recognition and Visibility: Afesis values its partners and recognizes their vital role in our success. Partners enjoy visibility across our platforms, acknowledging their commitment to social justice.

 How to Partner with Afesis:

 Individual Donors: Make a difference in the lives of others by contributing to Afesis. Your individual donations support our initiatives, and every contribution, regardless of size, contributes to positive change.

Private Sector Entities: Join hands with Afesis to fulfill your corporate social responsibility (CSR) goals. By partnering with us, your company becomes an active participant in community development, enhancing your brand's positive impact.

 Connect with Us: To explore partnership opportunities with Afesis or to discuss how your contribution can make a lasting impact, please leave us your details on the form below and we will contact you.