Social Accountability

Social accountability



Afesis-corplan in partnership with the International Budget Partnership South Africa (IBP-SA) conducted a social audit in five informal settlements in Scenery Park in the Buffalo City Metropolitan Municipality. The findings from this social auditing process will be used by the informal settlement residents to help motivate for the improvement of living conditions in their settlements. The key findings of the social audit report pertaining to water, sanitation and electricity are captured in this social audit report this Scenery Park 2019 social audit report.


This information is summarised in the following infographics:

  • social audit graphic 1 – existing situation 2019 Nov
  • social audit graphic 2 – norms and standards 2019 Nov
  • social audit graphic 3 – additional facilities needed 2019 Nov


Previous social audit work

  • Scenery Park Phase 3 housing story
  • Parkridge and Bamford Street social audit 2016

The social audit network

Afesis-corplan is a member of the Social Audit Network. The Social Audit Network (SAN) is a network of implementing and support civil society organisations that work together to expand the use of substantive accountability tools, like social audits, as legitimate and effective forms of community based monitoring and participation in South Africa.

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