#COMMUNITYFIRST: Scenery Park community put their community first

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#COMMUNITYFIRST was the brainchild of the Scenery Park Phase 3 beneficiaries as a symbol of their demand to participate and be included in the development of their own houses. The beneficiaries who had been waiting for the delivery of the houses for which subsidies were approved 20 years ago are wanting to participate in a meaningful manner in monitoring the construction process so that their houses are not left with defects as many projects they had witnessed. To do this, the community is using social accountability tools such as the social audit for monitoring purposes. This is one of the first few models in which the community had requested to include a community-driven monitoring process during construction, which is normally a technical process. For more on the Scenery Park project visit www.afesis.org.za  and look out for the hashtag on our Twitter (@Afesiscorplan) and Facebook (Afesis-corplan) pages.