The Upgrading of Informal Settlements Policy and Strategy for Buffalo City Metropolitan Municipality (BCMM) was approved by the BCMM council in 2015.

For more information on this policy contact the Buffalo City Municipality Planning department.

The following information relating to the BCMM Upgrading of Informal Settlements Policy and Strategy is available for download:

Example of draft informal settlement upgrading plan

The upgrading plan for Phola Park informal settlement in Scenery Park in East London, is one of 32 examples of upgrading plans for informal settlements in Buffalo City.
The following annexures are available for this Phola Park Upgrading plan:

Contact the Buffalo City Metropolitan Municipality planning department for copies of similar plans for all 32 informal settlements as listed in the summary table of 32 informal settlements.

Summary of upgrading plans for five informal Settlements in Scenery Park

Socio-economic survey report

A base line socio-economic survey report – 2014 was developed based on a 10 % survey sample of households living in the 32 informal settlements that were part of the planning exercise.

Close out report

A final close out report for the project, including an valuation of the project can be found here.

Human Interest Case Studies

A set of six Human Interest Case Studies were produced in 2014, showing a snap shot in time of the life of a person living on an informal settlement. Click here to read these case studies.

Executive Summary of Policy and Strategy

Experiences from the Upgrading of Informal settlements in the Buffalo City Municipality 

Motivating for implementing the Upgrading plans 

Additional information 

Is there renewed commitment to the upgrading of informal settlements?

National treasury in its budget vote speech of February 2019 stated that “[f]unding totalling R14.7 billion over the two outer years has been reprioritised to two new conditional grants for informal settlements upgrading which will enable these households to have access to basic amenities.

According to the Division of Revenue Bill, 2019 (page 225), R163 million has been ring-fenced from the Urban Settlements Development Grant in the 2019/20 period for Upgrading of Informal Settlements in Buffalo City Metro.  See article on renewed commitment to upgrading informal settlements for more on on how government plans to support the upgrading of informal settlements. Hopefully, this means that the upgrading plans approved by BCMM council in November 2015 will now finally be fully implemented.

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Video: Upgrading of Informal Settlement Policy and Strategy 

More information on Upgrading of informal settlements 

To find out more about upgrading of informal settlements click here.