For more information on Managed Land Settlement please visit the Afesis-corplan incremental settlement website initiative.

And for more information on upgrading of informal settlements collated by Afesis-corplan click here.

The following 4 minute video provides a motivation for Managed Land Settlement as part of a broader incremental settlement development process.

Also see the short 4 minute video on Managed Land Settlement to the right (Quality 480) that further explains this concept. To see a higher resolution version of this video (Quality 1080) click here

Incremental settlement is a pro-poor approach to settlement development that is being promoted and advocated for by Afesis-corplan and others.

Incremental settlement is the process by which legally recognised settlements are created over time in an incremental manner through the involvement and actions of a range of role-players including government, communities and the private sector. It includes the development of such settlements from:

  • an in-situ context where people have already occupied the land in an illegal manner and the area is then formalised and upgraded over time (This is called Upgrading of Informal Settlements UIS); as well as
  • greenfield context where the land is undeveloped and the area is prepared for future settlement and upgraded over time (this is called Managed Land Settlement – MLS).

For more information on Upgrading of Informal Settlements see:

For more information on Managed Land Settlement see.