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Improving basic service delivery

Welcome to Afesis Corplan

Explore the impact Afesis-corplan has made in people’s lives Registered as a Section 21 Company, Afesis-corplan operates under the governance of a capable Board of Directors.

Improving basic service delivery

Our programmes

Sustainable Settlements

The purpose of the programme is to ensure that low-income households have access to appropriate and secure land for settlement development. The aim is to ensure that well-located land for settlement development is made available timeously.

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Local Governance

The purpose of the programme is to ensure that citizens have multiple avenues (in planning, decision-making, implementation, and monitoring and evaluation) for engaging with the state on issues that are of interest to them.

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Strengthening Municipal Governance

About Afesis Corplan

Afesis-corplan is a progressive, non-governmental organisation that has contributed to community-driven development and good local governance in the Eastern Cape since 1992. Registered as a not for profit Company, Afesis-corplan operates under the governance of a capable Board of Directors. Eighty percent of its staff have professional and postgraduate qualifications and ninety percent come from historically disadvantaged communities.


Highlighted Projects

Upgrading Programme

Afesis Corplan

The IDP Process

Afesis Corplan



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Non Governmental Organistion

It had never been more crucial and critical for Non Governmental Organistions (NGOs) to be able to clearly understand and articulate their positioning as it is now. Afesis-corplan has had to define and concretize its positioning in a more explicit manner as it had in the past. The organisation has positioned itself to support communities, community groupings and citizens to effectively engage with the state. This position guides all of its work. The broad aim is to support citizens to actively unlock and enhance the state’s potential to deliver responsive services and targeted development initiatives. In doing this, Afesis-corplan will use participatory methods – most of which it has developed and tested over time – with a broader aim to empower citizens to take their rightful place in a participatory democracy. Following the organizational position explained above, the refined organisational positioning statement is:
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