Afesis-corplan, in its submission to the draft national Spatial Development Framework (NSDF) of South Africa (see copy of submission here), calls for the NSDF to  specifically recognize that informal settlements are likely to remain a feature of our spatial landscape for the foreseeable future and that left unchecked they pose a risk to future development in this country. Incremental approaches to settlement development like the upgrading of informal settlements and managed land settlement need to be included in the NSDF to mitigate this risk. The sections of the NSDF dealing with urban regions, urban nodes, regional development nodes, and transformation corridors in particular need to mention the importance of incremental settlement approaches as being part of the strategies available to government to respond to informality.

The public has until Thursday 19 March 2020 to make comments on the NSDF.  The public notice for comments and a copy of the draft NSDF can be found here.