Mandela Day in Glenmore

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by Lindokuhle Vellem

On the 18th of July, which is the international commemorative day for Nelson Mandela’s Birthday, the Afesis-corplan team travelled to Glenmore community in the Ngqushwa Municipality of the Eastern Cape. It was a fun day filled with singing and laughter, cleaning and painting. To end the day a huge Mandela cake was shared in memory of our fallen statesman.

Afesis-corplan has been working with the community of Glenmore through the Accounting for Basic Services (ABS) project. Through this work, the group approached Afesis-corplan to help revive their once vibrant CommunityAdvice and Information centre, which was last operational in the mid 1990’s. The day not only revived the centre, but the community’s belief in their strength and the length to which they can go in reviving their community.

The day was filled with the young and old working together towards a desired goal, which sets the stage for more collaborative development in the community. This is especially worth mentioning because of the history of division between the youth and the older generation. There’s quite a bit of unwritten history about the community that the young people in Glenmore are not aware of. As Afesis-corplan, we believe that as we endeavour to hold more of these collaborative spaces and conversations, the stronger Glenmore becomes and a space for passing down Institutional knowledge is facilitated. ABS starts with having stronger community links before holding an external body accountable.

“United we stand, divided we fall”.